Development team

Immediately dispose of an Agile team of highly trained software developers and testers. Save time and money, because we have already done the application process for you. In addition, you can easily scale up and down. You can control the development team yourself or have it handled by our Dutch professionals.


Project management

Benefit from the advantages of your own Agile development team: immediately available, fast and cost-effective. You leave the communication and project management to our colleagues in Zwolle. After all, we have more than 10 years of experience in managing teams and all facets involved in outsourcing, from Scrumming remotely to dealing with cultural differences.


Project development

Do you not (yet) need your own Development team, but you do need an idea and an IT wish? Be sure to contact us. We have a lot of experience with developing various projects, websites and apps. You are always welcome to spar with us. No strings attached.



Do you want to introduce new software or do you want a rebuild of an existing system, but you don't know how to set this up in the existing IT landscape? And how do you set this up so that it matches the existing business strategy? We can help you! We have in-house expertise for both software and enterprise architecture.



Working for a common goal from development to management, that is what we like to go for. Think not only of your own development team that develops new features for you, but also a team that rolls out and monitors the new applications. DevRepublic is very enthusiastic about this way of working and would like to tell you more! As far as we are concerned, this is the future. Are you ready too?

Scrum training

Scrum training

Scrum, everyone wants it, everyone does it and you hear it everywhere. Are you curious about what it means and how you can apply this in IT? We can take you with us and see if this also suits your organization. We also provide a lot of practical information about various tools and Scrum events.

APIs and Links

APIs and Links

No digital information flow without APIs or links! Simply put, an API or link is an exchange of data between two software systems. Do you want to connect to a system, but you don't know how? We have the right in-house knowledge to arrange this for you.

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