The benefits of your own development team at DevRepublic

De voordelen van jouw eigen ontwikkelteam bij DevRepublic
The best price

Our rates are competitive and ensure that your IT remains affordable.

All knowledge in house

We have all the knowledge, expertise and experience in-house. This ensures that we completely unburden our customers.


We quickly found the right people for your team. This way you can quickly scale up and down.

The best match

Your team is custom selected based on your needs.

Best of both worlds

Development from India, management and possibly guidance from the Netherlands.

Ready to start

We have already done the HR process for you. Our people are ready and can start immediately.

DevRepublic has been able to deliver a tailor-made team and retain the key players."

André Poorthuis, ICT Manager at BCA Autoveiling

This is how we proceed

Zo gaan wij te werk
1. Your challenge

There is an IT challenge in your organization. A shortage of programmers, digitizing an existing business process or developing a new application or mobile app. We think along with you in the solution.

2. Inventory and proposal

Based on your input, we make an initial inventory of your wishes. This can range from the job requirements for your own development team to the IT architecture.

We make the translation and discuss the possibilities. Where necessary, we look at which database requirements and programming languages best match and provide a piece of advice. This proposal will be your solution.

3. Composition of the team

We put together your team, the perfect match between your organization and our employees. Where necessary, this is a team with a mix of our Indian and Dutch professionals. With our own software house in India and colleagues who have been with us for years, we know how to make the perfect match.

4. Applicability study

Is your organization in a very specific industry or is it a very specific IT issue? Then we would be happy to visit you on location. With or without the development team. Both options are possible. The choice is yours!

5. Get started!

The team in India will start building the application. The team works according to the scrum method, with sprints, story points and interim deliveries. We provide good communication from the Netherlands, explanation of choices that must be made and possible alternatives and we guide your organization in this process where necessary.

We are always ready for the next challenge!

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