BCA Autoveiling

BCA Car Auction: The Netherlands' largest car auction house - with its own development team in India

Since 2016 DevRepublic has deployed a development team for BCA Autoveiling. The Dev team optimizes and maintains the online remarketing platform AutoBLOX. BCA Autoveiling was looking for a reliable and flexible IT partner as an extension of their own development team.

Smooth onboarding
DevRepublic has assembled a team of Indian developers based on the wishes of BCA Autoveiling. To quickly bring these DevHeroes up to flying height, the team came to the Netherlands for a successful onboarding. BCA Autoveiling has included the team in all business activities in order to provide them with the correct knowledge of the business processes that the Dev team is working on.

Knowledge retention
Andre Poorthuis, ICT Manager at BCA Autoveiling: “DevRepublic has been able to provide a tailor-made team and retain the key players. This guarantees knowledge and good performance. In addition, the team has also come to the Netherlands several times to see our business processes with their own eyes. This ensures a lot of involvement, but also mutual understanding and trust. All in all, this ensures long-term stability and that is exactly what we are looking for. ”

About BCA Autoveiling
BCA Autoveiling is a car auction house in Barneveld and organizes more than 500 auctions per year and auctions about 1,000 vehicles per week. The entire process runs via the AutoBLOX platform, from the collection of the vehicle, the preparation of the inspection report and the final auction itself.

With a physical auction hall in Barneveld, various online auctions and combined auctions, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, trucks and special vehicles are traded. This makes them the market leader in the Netherlands.


Your own development team?
Do you also want to switch quickly with your own development team? DevRepublic is happy to help you. Please contact us for the possibilities or we will visit together to see the results with our own eyes!

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