Continuing: Further development and continuous innovation with DevRepublic

DevRepublic is the development partner for the Continulating e-learning platform for Continulating. This web-based Learning and Personal Development platform offers companies and organizations the opportunity to learn, develop, share knowledge and offer (personal) coaching to their employees.

Own team and the latest techniques
Continulating has its own team of developers, with direction and project management from Zwolle. DevRepublic has set up the platform in PHP, Laravel and MongoDB for data management. The choice for MongoDB as a database was to provide stability and flexibility so that the platform can grow indefinitely. 

Flexible is the keyword.
One of the most important goals within the project is to offer modules that allow Continulate customers to create their own forms and e-learning to offer to employees. In this way, customers can set up and expand the platform themselves as desired.


About Continulating
Continulating is a web-based Learning and Personal Development platform. Clients such as KLM and the municipality of Rotterdam are already using the platform to share knowledge and guide training & coaching. The platform is flexible, fun and easy to work with. 

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