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Deelfiets Nederland uses our developers for the (further) development of their platform, consisting of a backend and mobile app for the users. Via the mobile app, users can see where available shared bicycles are, start the rental and unlock the smart bluetooth lock via an API. This app has been developed in Flutter and is therefore suitable for both iOS and Android. In addition, there is the backend, developed in .NET. This is the beating heart of the platform where rental data, transactions, location data and other things needed for the operation can be found.

About Deelfiets Nederland:
Deelfiets Nederland consists of a young and passionate team that works every day for a more sustainable, environmentally friendly and healthier Netherlands. Both business and private users can experience freedom and convenience with the electric shared bicycles. In 2018 Oumar Sylla started the Zwolle Share bike. In the meantime, the concept of the Zwolle Share Bike has developed into Share Bike Netherlands. Step by step, other regions will also be equipped with the electric shared bicycles. The electric shared bicycles are robust and elegant at the same time. Electrical technology has been professionally incorporated into the bicycles and due to the light weight of the bicycle, the user has the option of choosing whether or not to use the electrical assistance. In addition, the bicycles are equipped with a smart lock that can be unlocked with the Share Bike Netherlands app.

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