4 reasons to choose MongoDB

The foundation of a website or app is the database. Here all data is collected, organized and linked to each other. This data is stored behind the scenes in two types of database management systems: SQL or NoSQL. SQL databases, such as MySQL and Oracle, are relational and table based and often use powerful servers. NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB, use different database technologies to store data. This allows you to quickly process a lot of data and you do not need powerful servers.

4 reasons to choose a NoSQL database -such as MongoDB- are:
  • Scaling cheaper: MongoDB can scale horizontally using sharding, which means you can easily distribute the database across multiple servers. Extra servers don't have to be heavy.
  • Faster queries: one of the main rules at MongoDB is data that is consulted together, stored together.
  • “Document data model”: Implement changes in the database quickly and easily.
  • Program faster: MongoDB communicates with all popular programming languages ​​(using JSON), making programming much more dynamic and faster.

What you choose depends on the use and we help you in this choice.
And the good thing is, we have a lot of SQL and NoSQL experience!

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