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Stuur jouw eigen ontwikkelteam aan

Manage your own development team

Instantly have an Agile team of highly trained software developers and testers. You can easily scale up and down. You have control over the development team.

Wij sturen jouw ontwikkelteam aan

We manage your development team

You can also leave the management of your team to us. Our colleagues in Zwolle take care of communication and project management. Your software development is in good hands with us.

Jouw eigen IT project uitbesteden

Outsource your own IT project

We can carry out your project from start to finish. We have a great deal of experience with developing various applications and tailor-made processes.

Success Stories


Jaarbeurs Utrecht

Commissioned by Jaarbeurs Utrecht, DevRepublic has developed Scan2Ride for the two-wheeler fairs (Motorbeurs Utrecht, Bike MOTION Benelux, E-bike Xperience and Fiets en Wandelbeurs). 

The challenge
Jaarbeurs was looking for a tool for r…


Deelfiets Nederland

Deelfiets Nederland uses our developers for the (further) development of their platform, consisting of a backend and mobile app for the users. Via the mobile app, users can see where available shared bicycles are, start the rental and …



Swardu is the safest and easiest way to anonymously share your files. After login, you can select up to 25 files (pics, videos) from your phone gallery, upload them to the swardu cloud, and receive a swardu tag. Share the tag with anyo…



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