Digitaal op Maat

Full development for Custom Digital: the platform for the insurance industry

Digital tailor-made, the platform for digitally sending all your forms. The focus is on digitizing forms in the insurance world and financial service providers. Links are possible with financial and insurance packages, such as ANVA, ASSU, DIAS, CCS, Faster Forward, Verzuimsignal, Exact, Online, etc.

Full development by DevRepublic

The Digital Op Maat application has been developed from start to finish by a team of DevHeroes. 

About Custom Digital:

Our team consists of a number of specialists from different branches in the field of ICT and development.
Thanks to our broad knowledge in various fields, we are able to deliver and maintain a custom application.
We started an insurance company 10 years ago that wondered if sending forms couldn't be easier?
The rest is now history.

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Contact us:

DevRepublic BV
Dokter Klinkertweg 10B
8025 BS Zwolle
Chamber of Commerce no: 08181059
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