Emma Handson

App development for Emma Handson - The secretarial app

DevRepublic took care of the development and design of the app for Emma Handson. An important element was the ability to edit audio in the app, such as adding, removing and overwriting the dictations. Initially, the dictations were sent directly to Emma Handson's software. Later a PHP / Laravel admin / api was developed for this for more functionalities such as checking the status and tracing the uploads.

Technical challenges and solutions
All knowledge for developing this app is in-house at DevRepublic. For the Front-end, for example, we work with Android and iOS app (Kotlin, Swift). PHP and Laravel have been used in the Back-end.

About Emma Handson: Checking
emails, phone calls, meetings, documents before you distribute them: unnoticed, much of your time is consumed by these kinds of side effects of your work. While, just like everyone else, you want to be busy with what you are good at. Emma Handson Text & Secretary Solutions makes sure that is possible. Because what side effects are for you, is the heart of the matter for Emma Handson. Preparing or editing dictations, reports and reports, taking minutes, translating, office support - the possibilities are endless.


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