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DevRepublic is developing a future-proof e-commerce platform to process 100,000 orders per day in multiple countries.

DevRepublic has been commissioned by a leading player in the “gift-by-mail” market to develop a new e-commerce platform. They run into the limitations of the current platform, which impedes further growth. 

Standard solutions not good enough
The webshop delivers products in  countries and expects to process 100,000  orders per day at peak times  To allow the webshop to continue to grow, it is necessary to replace the  current platform with a  new e-commerce  platform It is important that the website is fast, scalable, easy to maintain and internationally workable. With “standard” e-commerce solutions  , the customer did not find exactly what he was looking for, and the license costs of these packages were too high for him.  As a result, a custom solution was chosen via  DevRepublic .  

Rapid development with the latest techniques
For the development of the new e-commerce platform,  
everything is  being rebuilt, in short, a new backend with CMS and a new front-end. For this we use PHP in combination with Laravel and as database  MongoDB .  This makes you flexible, fast and scalable.  

 Eventually  there will be  a  back-end  with  them  more  other CMS, rolle management, category, product, order and customer management and language settings to operate the various online shops in different countries. The  ront-end  consists of the design, product page, order history and all the other features you expect from an online store. In addition, we develop all  APIs  for  6  postal companies in Europe  so that our webshop can process its order and have it sent to you in any country.  

All knowledge for developing  this new e-commerce platform is  in house at DevRepublic.  This allowed us to start immediately and the turnaround time for this project is short. 

Your own  e-commerce solution? Do you have an e-commerce platform but are you facing limitations? Do you want to develop further, but is that not possible? In short,  are you ready for a new e-commerce solution  that completely suits your situation without high license costs? Please contact us, we will be happy to tell you more! 

Do you want to know more about how DevRepublic  can realize your e-commerce  wishes? Then contact  us.

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